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Most headaches are caused by muscle, joint and nerve dysfunction.

Headache Treatment

Perth Chiropractor, Doctor of Chiropractic, DC, Adam Rocchi says that while there are more than 100 different types of headaches, the vast majority are, in fact, tension headaches or “cervicogenic” headaches.

Headache can be debilitating, affecting every aspect of daily life, no activity is enjoyable – and severe pain affects the ability to concentrate at school or at work. Taking painkillers can mask the symptoms but not address the cause. People start to find they are taking more pills, more often, giving rise to worries about ‘rebound headaches’ and medications that have addictive properties.

As an adept in headache treatment in Perth, Dr. Rocchi sees many patients who are turning to Chiropractic for a safer, more effective, long-term solution. So, if headache is a problem for you, please call Spine Scan Chiropractic today on (08) 6150 8785 (Scarborough) or (08) 6150 8783 (Mount Pleasant) to arrange your initial consultation and take your first step to being pain-free again.

Common Headache Causes

Tension Headaches

  1. Headaches resulting from extreme muscle tension due to forward head posture: This is commonly due to the neck having lost the normal forward facing curve through traumas such as car accidents or sporting injuries, poor posture at work, etc.
  2. Headaches resulting from misaligned or locked vertebrae: This can cause joint inflammation within the spine and tightening of the surrounding muscles. This muscle tightening leads to the development of a tension headache.

For those affected by this type of headache, that can often be triggered by stress, the symptoms include feelings of pressure surrounding the head, inability to concentrate, mood changes and even nausea.

Cervicogenic Headache

Cervicogenic Headache is the type of headache that starts in the cervical spine (neck area). This can be the result of irritation of the trigeminal nerve by tissue within and around the top three vertebra of the neck. In severe cases, these upper three vertebrae can be a contributory source of many migraines.

For those with this type of headache, the symptoms are often on only one side of the head, beginning behind the eyeball on the affected side. Pain can be made worse by moving the neck and although the patient can often feel or be sick (as with a migraine), there are no disturbances of vision or other neurological signs.

How Your Perth Chiropractor Can Help Your Headache Pain

A comprehensive spinal and neurological examination will help Dr. Rocchi to discover the cause of your headache. He will then treat the problem using a Spine Scan device, (a hand-held computerised instrument directing small mechanical forces into the areas requiring treatment). This enables him address the cause of your pain, without twisting or cracking the neck.

Patients who have opted for a structural care plan will feel a significant improvement by the 5th week of treatment and can confirm these changes by comparing pre and post-treatment X-rays in most instances.

Most headaches are either neurological or biomechanical and respond well to Chiropractic treatment. So, if you are suffering from headache and relying on painkillers to enable you to get on with your life, why not seek a better solution for your long-term health by calling Spine Scan Chiropractic today?

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