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Maintain Optimum Function

It makes sense to invest a little time to benefit your long term health

Long Term Optimum Function

Why do hundreds of patients choose to see Perth Chiropractor, Dr. Adam Rocchi on a regular basis every 1 – 3 months when they are not in pain? The answer is that they have experienced the difference that Spine Scan and Trigenics can make in their lives in treating both acute and chronic pain or mobility issues and returning them to full fitness. The result is that they have made a personal decision to have ‘Tune-up’ visits to keep their spine and neuromuscular system functioning as best it can.

We all want to remain healthy with bodies that enable us to go on doing the things that we enjoy as well as the jobs we have to do. We want our spinal health and neuromuscular system to continue functioning well into old age, without pain, without reduced mobility and without joint inflammation. Choosing an ongoing Chiropractic care plan enables Adam to keep everything in balance and identify potential issues before they cause you a symptom or problem.

To book your appointment, call Spine Scan today on (08) 6150 8785 (Scarborough) or (08) 6150 8783 (Mount Pleasant) and remember, you do not have to wait until you are in pain until you visit your Perth Chiropractor!

SPINE SCAN : objective and effective

With all the stresses of modern life and the strains on the body that these present, patients have concerns about the possible implications for long-term health that these could cause.

  • Sitting all day, imbalances in muscle tone, poor posture, stiffness etc., are things that many people experience on a weekly or even daily basis. If ignored they can often lead to serious health problems years later.
  • Spinal joints that are stiff or locked for long periods of time will often become unhealthy because of the resultant poor joint circulation. Irritation, inflammation and often pain follows. This often changes the tone of muscles to be either very weak or very tight and a chronic cycle of muscular-skeletal dysfunction follows. The body suffers and symptoms begin.

The phases of osteoarthritis within the spine are largely due to genetics, chronic joint locking and misalignment. Just like a muscle, any join that is immobile for years will often degenerate.

The technology used at Spine Scan produces a quantifiable bar graph on the screen that represents the motion of each individual vertebra along the spine.  It is also an outstanding tool for restoring correct spinal movement by directing a series of gentle mechanical impulses into the hard to get at stiff deep muscles of the spine.

A healthy spine goes a long way to making a nervous system function normally and because the nervous system controls and coordinates every function in the body,  it is a good idea to get a check-up as part of general health care.

Everyone wants to remain healthy and it makes sense to invest a little time to visit your Perth Chiropractor once every month or two to get the long-term benefits that are so important to our health.

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