How Chiropractors Benefit Professional Athletes

What is a Chiropractor?

Before we can truly understand the benefits of chiropractic care we need to understand what a chiropractor is and what they do. Chiropractors are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular disorders. The treatment focuses on the manual adjustment and manipulation of the spine. In doing so, chiropractors aim to reduce pain and improve the quality of life of their patients.

Chiropractors and Professional Athletes

sports injuryThere have been multiple, well-documented cases where repeated treatment from a chiropractor has lead to a consistent boost in performance levels. There have been cases of athletes choosing to remain within a particular city so that they can continue to work with a chiropractor who understands their requirements. The medicinal technique may be relatively new, but the results have already begun to speak for themselves. With every year the records set in international competitions only grow, and it is the aid of people like chiropractors that is giving competitors the edge.

Muscle Activation Techniques

Muscle activation techniques (TRIGENICS) are used by chiropractors to help improve an athlete’s performance. This is not to be confused with muscle activation therapy, which instead focuses on repairing damaged tissue. Activation techniques are used to help the muscles operate as they would normally, without any neuro-muscular “gliches” so it is similar to regular exercise in the effects it can have it that is possible to actually increase the muscle strength of the affected areas.

Other benefits

A professional chiropractor can do a lot in order to enhance the performance as well the general quality of life of an athlete. It is impossible to enhance aspects of an athlete’s performance such as flexibility, balance and the range of motion. In particular, a chiropractor can be on hand to help with recovery after a particularly intense training session which will help reduce the athlete’s recovery time and enable them to reach a high standard of performance more consistently.

Preventing Injury

sports injuryChiropractors do not only react to injuries or help with recovery times. Practices such as TRIGENICS have been created to help prevent injuries from occurring in the first place. These have been particularly useful for athletes who compete in fields such as running since a lot of common injuries are caused by weak or tight muscles causing improper alignment, which Trigenics help prevent. Chiropractors can also help advise athletes on warm-up exercises and techniques that will be most beneficial in preventing injury. Developing a relationship with a chiropractor can help athletes continually develop a regime to react to their needs.

South Perth / North Perth Chiropractor

It is not unusual for an athlete to develop a relationship with a particular chiropractic practitioner who will assist in their training. For those that wish to find a chiropractor in North Perth or South Perth, it is worth taking the time to become familiar with a local chiropractor, DR Adam Rocchi, who is used to working with athletes. This way, he will be best suited to answer any questions while being easily accessible for drop-in and regular sessions to aid optimal performance.


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