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Nerves Which Fire Together Wire Together: A Look at A Concept Known as Neurogenesis

Medical science has made some amazing advancements in recent years. A handful of these observations have served to entirely negate previous beliefs. One example of this observation can be seen in a concept known as neurogenesis. In the past, scientists thought that it was impossible to generate new brain cells once we reach the age of adulthood. On the contrary, it has now been found that a portion of the brain known as the hippocampus is capable of generating up to 700 new neurons (cells) every day. Evidence also illustrates that certain types of spinal adjustments can help to improve brain function via impacting specific areas (1).
What else have we learned and perhaps more importantly, how have these findings transformed the ways in which our overall health is perceived?

A Quick Look at Neurogenesis

Research has found that those who are 50 years old have already replaced all of the neurons which were present at their birth. This is critical, as anyone who is unable to grow new brain cells will have their memory functions negatively impacted over time. Furthermore, a link has been definitely established between neurogenesis and emotional conditions such as depression. It is just as interesting to note that factors such as learning new information, physical exercise and even obtaining a spinal adjustment can help our brains produce more cells. This brings us to the next major point.

The Inextricable Link Between Spinal Function and Brain Function

We are all aware that the spinal column and the brain are linked together via the brain stem. However, did you know that obtaining spinal adjustments may also have notable impact upon brain function?

Recent research has suggested that modifying the position of the spine (such as through the help of a professional Perth chiropractor) can help to improve the activity within a portion of the brain known as the prefrontal cortex. This area is predominantly involved with perception and higher levels of cognition. Interestingly enough, functional changes within this area by as much as 20 per cent have been observed after a spinal adjustment.

Not only is this relevant in terms of neurogenesis, but the perceptual impacts upon the individuals themselves seems to be just as pronounced. Positive changes within the prefrontal cortex can improve many functions which we often taken for granted such as:

  • The ability to mentally rotate objects.
  • Better balance, gait and posture.
  • Improved muscular strength.
  • Enhanced memory and attention.

When these effects are then translated to a whole-body approach, it becomes clear that targeted spinal adjustments can have a profound impact upon our quality of life.

Drawing Interesting Conclusions

Not only have we learned that the brain can produce new cells, but science has also found that the condition of our spine will have a very real impact upon many mental processes that were thought to be completely autonomous in the past. The implications of these observations are profound and it will be interesting to see what the future may hold.

(1) Lelia et al, Neural Plasticity, volume 2016

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