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Trigenics for Headaches, Frozen Shoulder and More.

thoracic-painOne of the main techniques that we use here at Spine Scan in Perth is a system of treatment called Trigenics. Trigenics is a process where the muscles in your body are mapped out according to differences in strength and length.

When your muscles or joints sustain an injury, problems can occur where there can be restricted movement or weakness. Left untreated this can produce chronic problems in your body. Trigenics aims to identify these dysfunctional patterns. Once the problem muscles have been identified we specifically try to lengthen and/or strengthen those. Sometimes that will be through direct muscle manipulation, other times it will be using stretching techniques and other times we may use neurological patterns to inhibit over active muscles.

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What Problems is Trigenics Good

Frozen Shoulder.

Frozen shoulder is when the joint capsule around the shoulder joint becomes inflamed and sticks together. Trigenics can often help release the adhesions. Research has suggested that as little as one treatment can be effective in producing an 80% increase in your range of motion.

Sport Injury

Due to the extra demands that sports place on the body, muscle imbalances and weaknesses can predispose you to injury. By being assessed using the Trigenics methods we can try and help identify and treat your imbalances before they actually become injuries. In addition if you have an existing injury you may be able to get relief and better long-term rehabilitation through the muscle balancing that Trigenics produces.

Low back pain.

In 2010 an article published in the European Journal of Pain found that patients who underwent motor training exercises had better resolution of pain and a more normal brain organisation than people who just did simple walking. Trigenics uses skilled movement training for patients undergoing therapy and many think this process is a part of its effectiveness.


Tightness and imbalance in the neck muscles are a common cause of headaches. The muscles can refer pain to most areas of your head and can be a trigger for migraine headaches as well. The Trigenics approach can help address the muscle imbalances that underlie many of these pain syndromes.

Joint Injuries.

Research conducted at the University of Tartu has found that Trigenics treatment can have beneficial effects on muscle tone and elasticity. Improving muscle tone can help prevent joint injuries due to the protective effects of the muscle stretch reflexes. The study concluded that these changes in muscle tone would reduce your chances of injury and improve rehabilitation.

These are just some of the problems that people have reported having been helped by Trigenics. Call us on (08) 61508783 

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