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Back Pain Treatment for Surfers

back pain

It should come as no surprise that the online search term “back pain treatment Perth” and the local surfing community are no strangers to one another. While surfing is a fun and exciting sport, it is also physically demanding. The body is often required to make quick adjustments based upon wave conditions. As a result, it is not uncommon for surfers to endure annoying and potentially limiting back injuries. These scenarios can particularly impact the back or lower lumbar region. Are there any ways in which these situations can be avoided so that you will be able to enjoy the water without worrying about your back? Let us take a closer look.

An Ounce of Prevention

Many injuries related to surfing can be prevented if the associated muscles are strong and supple. This is why it is important to incorporate a strength and stretching programme into your exercise routine; particularly before heading out to surf. Some of the main stretches will involve “opening up” the front of your hips (muscles known as the “hip flexors”) and performing hip raises (bridges) in order to strengthen your glutes. These and similar stretches will help to wake the nervous system up and increase blood flow to parts of your lower lumbar region that are prone to acute injuries while surfing.

Strengthening Your Core Muscles

back pain

We need to remember that the abdominal muscles and your spine are intrinsically related. If one of these areas is lacking in terms of strength or mobility, the other will suffer as a result. Dysfunction up or down the “Kinetic Chain” within your body. This is why strengthening your core through targeted abdominal training is another crucial habit to embrace. While standard “crunches” are beneficial, it is better to target specific areas of the abdominal region such as the obliques and the transverse abdominis in addition to the all important QLs and Psoas through Side Planks and Planks.

The Role of a Chiropractor

The majority of surfers are likely to perform an online search using the phrase “back pain treatment Perth” sooner or later. Of course, this will normally take place after an injury has already occurred. There are a number of chiropractic techniques which may be used for the treatment for back pain through chiropractic, and these are normally determined after a thorough examination of the problem.

Some common treatment methods include (but may not be limited to):

  • Spinal and joint adjustments
  • Trigenics treatment, combining three treatments in one
  • An examination of peripheral joints (the hips, elbows, shoulders, and ankles)
  • Targeted stretching routines to alleviate pain and to increase mobility

The Advantages of Taking Proactive Measures 

It is important for you to take a proactive approach if you suspect that a back injury has occurred. If pain is present, immediately stop surfing. Apply ice (as opposed to heat) to the affected area. While it is critical to remain mobile, try to avoid any movements that exacerbate the pain.

Contact Dr Adam Rocchi at Spine Scan Chiropractic. He will be able to diagnose the problem and quickly  get you functioning at your optimum so that you can return to the waves as soon as possible.


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