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When it comes to your general health, well-being, and quality of life, it’s absolutely essential that you take extra precautions if you are suffering with any underlying back issues or pains. One of the most common causes of acute back pain and discomfort is a condition known as Degenerative Disc Disease, and it is this disease which we’ll be looking at today. Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about degenerative disc disease and chiropractic care.

What is degenerative disc disease?

Degenerative Disc Disease, or DDD, as it is sometimes known, is a condition which affects the spine. Specifically, it is a condition characterized by severe pain and discomfort that affects the discs that separate the bones located in the spine. While the condition can affect anybody, at any given time, according to Spine Scan chiropractic near Applecross, most of the patients that they treat are older. This is because, as we grow older, our spines become more brittle and they start to show signs of wear and tear as the discs shrink in size. Basically, DDD is a blanket term used to describe changes that occur in the discs of the spine, making them less effective.

As people age, they find that the discs dry out, they become weaker, they shrink in size, and they become less effective. Just as a muscle needs to move to be healthy, so to a disc needs to move. If, however, a spinal lock occurs as a result of a fall, bad posture or inactivity at some stage in life the disc will lack movement and a process known as Inbibition, the circulation within the disc, will fail. This circulation supplies oxygen, nutrients and water to the collagen fibres that make the disc and if it stalls the daily, weekly and yearly wear and tear wins the day.

Why do we have discs in the spine?

A common question chiropractor’s get asked is what discs located in the spine are for? Basically, these discs act like shock absorbers as they separate the bones located within the spine. As they are disc-shaped, they allow significant range of motion in all directions. They are also very strong providing the support needed to keep the body upright.

In addition, and the most important reason for having discs, a healthy disc provides a large space for each spinal nerve root to leave the spinal cord and give life to cells,tissues, organs and systems within the body. This is why it is crucial that proper movement within the joints of the spine is maintained. Regular spinal maintenance to unlock stiff joints  allows for better  circulation of oxygen, nutrients and water to occur within the tissues that make the disc. Remember, without proper movement of the spinal unit the disc will degenerate

Signs and symptoms of DDD

If you’re concerned about degenerative disc disease, read through this list to determine if you may have the signs and symptoms associated with DDD. These include:

·       Pain that worsens when you’re physically active

·       Pain that is intensified when sitting, which is likely due to discs located in the lower back

·       Chronic and persistent back pain that does not let up

Typically, pain will begin in the lower back, and may even be felt in the legs and buttocks via the sciatic nerve where it manifests itself as sciatica. Patients often describe it as a burning sensation bordering on painful. Some will experience more severe back pain which will persist for weeks, even months, at a time. One tell-tale sign of DDD is extreme pain when sitting down. This is because sitting down places more pressure on the discs as they are forced to absorb more of your weight in this position. If you do experience pain whilst sitting, even though it may be painful at first, Dr Rocchi at Spine Scan chiropractic near Applecross, recommends that you get up and walk or jog lightly for a short while. You’ll notice that your back feels looser, and that much of the pain has subsided.

Why chiropractic care is so important

At Spine Scan chiropractic, we perform two specialised treatments, using a handheld computerised mechanical pulse instrument (Spine Scan) and the Trigenics system, for our patients. By stimulating the nerves of the affected areas whilst in particular movement patterns we help you retrain the way the brain communicates with your core muscles within your body, and help to ease pain and discomfort. Contact us today on (08) 6150 8785.

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