How Endurance Events Push the Body to Its Limits and How Niggles Can Become Overuse Injuries

Endurance events are a test to both the mind and the body.  They require not only physical stamina and endurance, but also the mental drive and determination to keep going when things start to get tough.  Although it may seem less forceful than more explosive sports such as weight lifting or rugby, sports injuries can […]

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AFL Injuries

AFL, or Aussie rules, is well known for its high incidence of sports injuries.  There is a significant amount of physical contact, however unlike rugby union or gridiron, no protective padding is worn. At Spine Scan we are familiar with all kinds of sports injuries, and are used to treating everyone from the young players […]

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Golf: Improving Strength, Flexibility and Balance for Greater Golf!

Golf is not at all an easy sport.  Proper technique and conditioning is essential to not only improving golf performance but also to minimise the risk of injury.  Low back injuries are particularly common amongst players, accounting for 63% of all injuries in professional golfers. Are you suffering an injury that is preventing you from […]

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