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Disc Problems and Neck Pain – Why Is It There and What Can I Do About It?

shutterstock_128536454Neck pain is a very common, but none the less a very debilitating problem. Between 10 and 23% of Australians suffer from this condition every year, and because of its pervasive nature, valuable work and family time is often lost for the sufferer of neck pain. This contributes to the growing socioeconomic burden, and therefore creates an impact both physically, financially and emotionally.

If you are one of the many people suffering from neck pain, you know the wide implications this can have on your health, your work and your family. Always looming in the periphery is the fear of one day needing surgery to decrease the pain and discomfort.

At the Spine Scan Chiropractic clinics in Scarborough and Mount Pleasant we offer expert treatment for neck pain and disability. Call us today to see how we best can help you out of pain and back to functioning at your best. Book an appointment on (08) 61508785 Scarborough or (08) 61508783 Mount Pleasant.

Understanding the role of the neck

Our neck, or cervical spine, works as a bony armour of bones and joints to protect the delicate spinal cord that runs inside the spine. Because of the design of the joints, your neck allows for a generous amount of movement, but relies on the intervertebral discs to distribute compressive forces and limit excessive motion. These discs can herniate when put under too much stress, allowing the gelatinous material inside to protrude out and cause pain and inflammation around the nearby nerve.

Symptoms such as sharp shooting pain, radiating sensations, numbness, tingling and burning can then occur, and it can manifest anywhere between the neck and the fingertips. To protect the injured segment in the neck, your body can respond by tightening the muscles around the area, and limiting the movement around your affected joint. This can be experienced as both painful and limiting.

Whilst a common treatment is medication for pain and inflammation, and surgery to remove the debris from the injury, there are other effective and safe ways to get great results ridding pain and dysfunction.

A natural solution – chiropractic treatment

Research is supporting chiropractic as a safe and gentle way to restore optimal function of your neck and spine. Addressing the underlying cause as well as the pain, chiropractors apply their extensive knowledge of the musculoskeletal system to offer a natural and supporting way to treat pain and dysfunction.

Through a hands-on approach, our chiropractor, Dr Adam Rocchi, works with the joints, tendons and muscles to restore function of the spine and the nervous system.

During treatment he utilises two systems. The first is the hand-held Spine Scan instrument and the associated software which identifies the stiff or locked spinal segments and imparts a series of fast but gentle mechanical impulses to release the deep, taut and hard to get at musculature along the spine. This results in improved spinal motion (which is evident to you on the screen) enabling treatment to accurately focus on the abnormal neurological pathways that have developed over time.

Secondly, Dr. Rocchi uses Trigenics which is a neurological treatment system that changes the way your brain communicates with your body. The treatment works by manually stimulating nerve sensors within the targeted muscles while at the same time, you carry out a specific movement or exercise as directed.

At Spine Scan Chiropractic we focus on delivering excellent treatment for both acute and chronic cervical pain. To experience how we can help you live a full and happy life doing the things you love, both now and in the future, call now at (08) 61508785 Scarborough or (08) 61508783 Mount Pleasant and get an appointment today.

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